Cindy Elsberry

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Bernadette Boas, CEO, Founder, Ball of Fire, Inc.

“Having a need for someone detailed, thorough and creative to go through my vast database of articles and content, Cindy was the perfect person for the job. With little oversight and simple direction provided, Cindy efficiently completed a project for me that had been sitting on my to do list for months. More importantly, her editing was dead on to not only cleaning up edits, grammar, etc. but adding content to fill out the many light or incomplete articles and blog postings – so they can add the greatest value to my readers. She is great and easy to work with.”


Patricia Sullivan

“Cindy provided the skills and abilities to set up my contact files, created newsletters for me each month, and provided timely and consistent results. Because of her administrative skills, she was able to create a brand for my company which is still in place today, and which was woven into the newsletter each month. She has a lot to offer as a Virtual Assistant! Patti Sullivan CEO Profit by Design, HR Consulting”


Daren Wang, Founder of the Decatur Book Festival, largest independent book festival in the country

“When we began the Emerging Writers stage at the Decatur Book Festival, we were unsure of if or how it would work. With Cindy’s efforts, it has become a high-demand event, selling out each year and evolving into a model that is emulated by book festivals throughout the country. Cindy does a great job balancing the needs of the festival with the requirements of each individual author. At the festival, we know that if Cindy is handling it, we can count on it getting done right.”